Job Description
Ranked 29th on the 2018 Fortune Global 500 list, Ping An Insurance (Group) Co. is China’s largest insurer by market value. Ping An Group has over 1.8 million employees with nearly 90 million customers. Ping An’s mission is to become a world-leading financial services provider by following the concept of “driven by technology, finance can serve life better.” Over the years, it has successfully incubated several high-tech subsidiaries, such as Lufax Holding, Ping An Good Doctor, Ping An Healthcare Technology, and OneConnect, etc.

OneConnect ( is a fast-growing financial technology company, focusing on providing cloud computing and other technology services to small- and medium-sized financial institutions. OneConnect has developed world-class technology innovations in areas, such as facial recognition, voiceprint, micro-expression recognition, and blockchain. To date, OneConnect has served over 400 banks and over 2000 non-bank financial institutions and completed round A financing with post-investment valuation of 7.5 billion dollars in early 2018.

OneConnect US Research Institute, aka Gamma Lab NYC (, consists of a small team of AI engineers and researchers working on exciting projects in areas such as AI assistant, intelligent marketing, smart investment with technologies such as NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Learning and Adversarial Learning. As an AI research Intern, you will work with our AI team on designing new algorithms or applying and enhancing existing methods to tackle new problems.


  • Currently pursuing or completed Master or Ph.D. degree in the field of Computer Science, Machine Learning, AI or other related fields.
  • Strong coding experience in Python
  • Experience working with Deep Learning frameworks, such as PyTorch, Keras, and Tensorflow, is required
  • Experience in Natural Language Processing, especially in sentence classification and language modeling, is preferred
  • Research experience is preferred and publications are highly valued
  • Excellent time management abilities and communication skills

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